It’s the high-quality products in our ecosystem that really make us fly. That’s why we added a new category for Best Product to this year’s Casambi Awards.  

Top-notch functionality, flawless performance, and high customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of a great device. While all entries undoubtedly embodied these three qualities, the 2022 shortlist has now been announced and it celebrates six Casambi products of all shapes and sizes. Some anonymous jury comments have been added below to give you a flavor of the deliberations: 


Experience the sensation of sky in the new, compact CoeLux High Tech 25 Mini.

The CoeLux HT25 Mini is a revolutionary high-tech product that artificially recreates natural light from the sky and the sun. Think fake skylight that’s so real-looking it’s unreal. It projects a beam of intense light, enhancing the colors and the textures of a room and any objects within it. The spot projection is slightly wider than the window and illuminates the surrounding area diffusely.   

This mind-blowing product is available in two versions, Classic and Smart Sky. While a brightly lit sky characterizes the Classic version, the CoeLux Smart Sky comprises innovative technology that introduces chromatic tuneability in CoeLux products – reproducing the scenarios, color, and light intensity of the sky across a clear day, from sunrise to sunset and everything in between. 

Through Casambi, it is possible to control the color temperature and light intensity of CoeLux HT25 Mini, giving end-users the opportunity to recreate an atmosphere to reflect their emotions and providing all the benefits of natural light where it might be lacking.  

The judges shortlisted this one on account of its unique and unobtrusive design qualities;  

 ‘This miniature version makes it more accessible to different projects. The comfortable diffused light recreates a natural light making it a perfect solution for domestic spaces.’ 


The OCTO gateway provides the user with full voice and remote control with optimal connectivity across all smart products.

The OCTO Gateway by Ansell Lighting is a smart device designed to allow Amazon’s Alexa to communicate directly with Casambi-enabled luminaires and devices. It delivers easier control of color temperature and brightness with voice commands, via Alexa-compatible speakers, without the need for switches or an app.  

While you exhale that wow sigh, let’s add that the Alexa interface is also compatible with a range of other smart ecosystems including Ring, Hive, and Samsung Smart Things thus opening up the potential for a fully connected home or workplace with increased control, automation, and integration between smart devices.  After all, it’s this pursuit of true interoperability that constitutes the contemporary holy grail. 

The Casambi CBM module has been built into a bespoke PCB design with its own microcontroller. It uses the serial interface to communicate to the Casambi network and has its own cloud stack based on AWS IoT Code. The communication between cloud and gateway is based on MQTT.  

The judges love this one for its ability to tackle one of the main challenges within the field of wireless controls – to integrate different protocols within one system and create the user-friendly, connected system that everyone’s craving: 

User-friendly, connected systems are what everybody wants. A solution that is simple to use, saves time, and is familiar is always going to be helpful when looking to integrate control systems into projects’.  


It is now possible to design luminaries using a tool online and have them produced by Ambright using printed light.

Ambright’s patented “printed-light” process makes it possible to manufacture singular tailor-made luminaires to a high-end standard. It combines individual handcraft with the economic conditions of large-scale production. 

SparkShapes are as unique as human signatures, they can be created in infinite shapes. Here, designers are free to unleash their imagination, design their luminaires – defining the shape, size, color, and lighting effect – as a perfect fit to their individual space or project. With Ambright’s ‘LightSketch’ tool, each LED light source can be individually placed on newly created shapes. The integrated Casambi CBM module enables dimming control for the three different lighting parts: indirect, direct, and unique illuminated edge.   

The judges see this as a new and innovative concept for lighting, with one of the panel saying; 

‘The SparkShape is an interesting product as it brings even greater opportunity to lighting designers and interior designers working in the commercial sector. By using clever lighting control, these opportunities appear endless’.  


Lithoss combined the smart and wireless aspects of Casambi with their design switches to create hundreds of new possibilities for Casambi smart switches.

Lithoss has integrated the Casambi CBM chip into their own PCB to wirelessly connect their switches to lighting. This means that every single product from their Select switch range can communicate with smart devices and Casambi-enabled luminaires without the need for wiring. For Lithoss, they can now create a totally personalized experience for every user.  

Aesthetically speaking, Lithoss products have always crossed over into the art zone. With additional tech abilities, they can program an infinite number of smart switch scenarios – exuding luxury all the more!  When combined with Lithoss’ surface boxes, these battery-operated badboys not only eliminate the need for wiring but also avoid the need for drilling holes in walls. On this note, one judge said: 

‘The solution is perfect because it reduces installation times and costs as no wiring is necessary’.  


pushfusion integrates with Casambi through the Casambi Cloud API and uses those interfaces to query data and push information into the Casambi ecosystem.

pushfusion by Binary Forge is a secure, cloud-based, and vendor-agnostic dashboard that can bring information together from devices across an entire estate and present it well in one place. Starting from the premise that human nature is deeply flawed – in so much as complexity bamboozles us mere mortals leading to negligence – this product ensures that difficult tasks are taken into hand.  

Take emergency reporting: existing emergency reporting solutions are overly complex and require a concerted effort to eventually find the needed data.  pushfusion provides a clear representation of the state of compliance of an entire estate… at a glance… from a single screen. A user can quickly ascertain issues such as test failures, overdue tests, and issues before they are picked up by the monthly or annual testing exercise. 

Although intended to be a vendor-agnostic platform, we’ve certainly seen that this solution integrates well with Tridonic’s wireless emergency lighting solution to retrieve data from their Casambi-enabled devices. Taking health and safety to heart, the judges see this as a transformative solution:  

‘pushfusion, together with Tridonic and Casambi, has the potential to be a game-changer for facility management. It drastically reduces the testing time of emergency lighting in a widespread estate portfolio.’ 


The commercial and residencial building Quo in Guatemala City order a unique and dynamic lamp on the entrance of the comercial area. 

Lamp Quo is a showstopper of a luminaire brought into being by Impelsa. This light extravaganza adorns the entrance of Quo, a commercial and residential building in Guatemala City. It contains 40 Casambi CBU-TED modules that bring animation to this unique piece. Each ring contains five different circuits, through which numerous lighting scenes and movements have been programmed to bring this fixture to life.  

The judges celebrate this extra-large design piece as an impressive feat in combining art with technology. They very much enjoyed seeing Casambi’s lighting control solution used to create interesting decorative lighting elements:    

Lamp Quo is new and impressive. I guess 40 CBU TEDs can create very cool effects and control options!’ 

Known and appreciated for its ability to create limitless control, the judges felt it incredibly exciting to see how luminaires and control products are being developed to support Casambi’s vision and mission.  


The reigning champ will be announced in the coming weeks… so stay tuned!   

And, by the way, winning entries will also be presented at the Casambi Summit. Why not book your space at this upcoming event

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