Back in 2016, we gleefully announced our collaboration with EnOcean, the global leader in energy harvesting wireless technology. 

EnOcean had developed a battery-less Bluetooth Low Energy switch module with Near Field Communication (NFC), expanding their energy harvesting wireless solutions for the Internet of Things. The PTM 215B module enabled product manufacturers to develop reliable self-powered switching applications for BLE-based lighting systems for worldwide usage in smart homes and modern light control. 

The then brand new EnOcean switches could be paired to a Casambi network and work seamlessly in the wireless lighting control solution. Since then, EnOcean switches have been deployed in the vast majority of Casambi-controlled projects from Design Offices to large-scale projects such as the BBC’s UK-wide rollout. In fact, we collaborated on what became our most mission-critical project to date: lighting the newly constructed Acute Services Block at Ulster Hospital.   

CEO of EnOcean, Raoul Wijgergangs will be participating in the upcoming Casambi Summit. He’ll be appearing alongside representatives from Google and Zumtobel Lighting to debate the digital readiness of the building industry. Raoul is especially passionate about sustainable digitalization, a true evangelist of the wireless movement who sees self-powered solutions as a major conduit to success. We caught up for a quick pre-event convo: 

EnOcean focuses on sustainable and smart technologies to reduce CO2 emissions of buildings. Could you tell me a little more about your stance on such matters? 

‘Resource conservation and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important. Copper is becoming more and more expensive and the harmful components in batteries are also increasingly problematic. EnOcean switches are a solution that addresses both the financial and environmental aspects.  

The good thing with EnOcean wireless switches is that they don’t even need batteries thanks to energy harvesting. The finger press on the button of the switch generates enough power to send a radio protocol to turn lights on or off, or to control lighting scenes.   

The combination of energy harvesting switches from EnOcean with Casambi’s Bluetooth-based wireless lighting control system provides professional, reliable lighting control. Together, we create more flexibility in wireless lighting control and offer a more sustainable alternative compared to conventional wired solutions.’ 

Going wireless and battery-free clearly comes with many advantages…  

‘Yes! The combination offers a trifecta of benefits [in addition to sustainability]: Maximum flexibility, and simple and fast installation, all the while catering to customer-specific needs.  

For lighting projects in existing buildings, and in newly built properties, the flexibility of the entire network is key. EnOcean-based switches can be installed anywhere in the room, even on glass, ceilings, wood, or doors. They can be flexibly moved, and additional ones can be added at any time.  

This flexibility becomes apparent when layout changes are required. These can be simple adjustments such as furniture placement, or more extensive changes such as adding or removing walls or partitions. Since there are no wires, the EnOcean switches can be repositioned at any time. All other programming is done via the software, which means that changes can be made very easily.  

Flexibility is also important in terms of functionality: different functionalities on different switches can be easily set up with the Casambi app, so the functionality is defined by software in the app and not directly on the switches.  

The installation of the EnOcean switches causes only minimal disruption during the setup because there’s no wiring to be done and also no battery exchange in the future, which makes them completely maintenance-free.  

The EnOcean devices connect to the Casambi network via NFC. Installers only need a mobile phone or tablet to do the setup – a quick and easy process.  

Individual projects require individual needs, not only system-wise but also design-wise. That’s why EnOcean works with many different switch partners that create differently designed light switches with EnOcean’s battery-free switch module inside that fits every style and design’.   

Since announcing our collaboration some six years ago, our combined technologies have been deployed in numerous awe-inspiring projects. All this proving our partnership to be a match made in heaven for intelligent lighting control…  

Indeed! The combination of radio and energy harvesting together with Casambi’s Bluetooth lighting control system enables intelligent lighting solutions without maintenance requirements and battery waste – a perfect fit for all indoor lighting projects.’  

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