Helsinki, Finland – September 5, 2022: Global smart lighting control company Casambi announced today its partnership with Elettroservice, the Paduan-headquartered electrotechnical component supplier that has also established the highest reputation in the Italian market for its consultation and lighting control design services.  

The partnership will immediately leverage Elettroservice’s deep understanding and connection with specifiers in the region to promote the virtues of Casambi’s technology as the industry transitions from wired to wireless lighting control.  

‘Wireless communication is overtaking wired technologies and will continue to expand into the future.  It possesses great potential to revolutionize our industry, allowing the provision of highly energy-efficient, human-centric lighting,’ said Kari Mettälä, Casambi CEO, adding, ‘Today, the Casambi Ecosystem contains thousands of Casambi Ready components and luminaires, which are collectively bringing fresh ideas, solutions, scale, and choice to the transformation journey. The value of the ecosystem increases with every new product, service, or company that joins it. And we are extremely excited to have Elettroservice join us.’ 

‘Elettroservice’s history is a story that spans 40 years. I believe our success embodies the ability to adapt. One of the main principles has been to adapt our offering to the changes in the demand of our targeted markets’ said  Alberto Ghirardelli, Owner & CEO of Elettroservice, adding, ‘It was more than 14 years ago, that we first adopted solutions based on controlling and managing light and since then we have systematically grown by simply listening to the main stakeholders in this field – adapting the range, and taking our internal competencies and expertise to the next level’.  

By becoming a value-added reseller for Casambi, Elettroservice can access Casambi’s platform, services, and expansive ecosystem of products to position itself and its clients for success now and into the future. For the Italian lighting market, this presents a great opportunity to adopt Casambi with the support of Elettroservice’s team of esteemed, locally available experts who are poised to help with any product or project-related inquiries.  

Ghirardelli states, ‘I am proud to say that we are now very confident in our solid knowledge. This is not limited to a number of individuals but is found in our culture and across the length and breadth of the company. The increasing interest in wireless controls has allowed us, in our continuous search, to meet Casambi and to consider their business concept, their technological background, their ecosystem approach, and their enthusiasm for what we need now and in the long-term.’ 

‘We are thrilled to be working with Elettroservice – bringing innovative solutions to the Italian market, together. Elettroservice is not only a highly respected distributor of lighting components, but they also possess proven deep skills in the design and implementation of lighting control systems with more than four decades in the field. Together, we can cater to the growing demand for Casambi solutions in a flourishing wireless lighting control market.’ said Luca Ragaglia, EMEA Sales VP at Casambi. 

Ghirardelli concludes, ‘This co-operation starts at exactly the right time – not too early, not too late. It allows us to strengthen our position and to propose a package of solutions and hardware with a rich mix of services and activities to support.’  


About Casambi  

Casambi is changing the way people and businesses light their surroundings. Since 2011, the Finland-headquartered company has established itself as the leading producer of wireless lighting control systems, using technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Hundreds of third-party ecosystem providers already enjoy dynamic user experience, excellent reliability, and unparalleled performance. Casambi’s technology can be integrated into anything from individual lighting fixture controls to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control, monitoring, and data logging. 

About Elettroservice 

Elettroservice is an electrotechnical component supplier that also offers consultation and lighting control design services. A family-run business spanning three generations, the company has grown to successfully expand from its home in Triveneto, Italy, to capture national markets in Slovenia and Croatia.  Synonymous with reliability, the company attributes its success to a bipartite strategy – distribution and intermediation – which has led it to grow both in terms of turnover and size, without losing identity. Thanks to consolidated and long-lasting relationships with leading companies, Elettroservice can guarantee product quality, and flexibility in proposing the best solutions for each customer – this involves many trusted stakeholders from the manufacturers of lighting fixtures, installers, lighting designers, manufacturers of industrial electrical and electronic wiring, distributors, and wholesalers to new emerging players such as facility managers. 

Media contact for more information on this release:  

Joonas Rinne  
VP Marketing at Casambi 

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