The Casambi Summit is a one-day extravaganza offering 12 hours of non-stop content to inspire the work of all involved in the lighting game. Here’s how to get the best out of it.  

When it comes to lighting and how we illuminate the world, there’s a lot to discuss and consider. Without a doubt, we’re living in a time of flux – witnessing profound changes in the way people live and work. Smart lighting technologies are needed to keep pace with this evolution. 

Solutions are sought to address contemporary challenges like suboptimal working conditions, the high energy cost, changes in the use of space, and light pollution – all without entirely reconstructing buildings. We need to reduce our carbon footprint. And we need to move the industry forward from outdated practices into a new era of efficiency and customer-centric experience.  

If this is a declaration that resonates with you, you’ll want to attend the upcoming Casambi Summit. This is our annual event curated for lighting designers, luminaire and component manufacturers, electrical consultants, service providers and all lovers of light who want to learn about the emerging technologies reshaping our industry. Influential companies will take to the stage to demo their solutions for a safer, smarter, greener, better-lit world. 

Join and connect with designers, hardware engineers, product managers, service providers and business owners from around the world to receive hands-on training and exclusive insights. 

Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of the Casambi Summit. 

Secure your seat. 

It’s live, it’s all-virtual, and it’s free, but you still need to register in advance to secure your seat and access to the adjacent partner expo.  

Here’s the link: Casambi Summit 2023 – 27 April 2023 starting at 7 AM (CET) 

Plan your time.  

We’ve prepared a full day (12 hours!) of presentations and demos of the latest and greatest in the lighting control space. The Summit will feature sessions and keynotes specifically tailored to the Asia-Pacific, EMEA and North American markets. This will make it easier to watch region-relevant content at a decent time for you. And while we’ll be live streaming all our mainstage talks, recordings will also become available to those who register in advance but can’t attend all.  

Check out the three regional tracks: Casambi Summit 2023 – 27 April 2023 starting at 7 AM (CET) 

Don’t miss the breakout sessions. 

The breakout sessions offer presenting parties the opportunity to showcase products and projects in more detail to an intimate audience and open the floor to questions and two-way discussions. For example, Timo Korhonen, Head of UX Design at Casambi, and his team will be presenting Casambi Pro – our free planning and commissioning tool that simplifies the process of configuring lighting controls. 

Browse the Partner Expo. 

Casambi partners from all corners of the globe will be ready to welcome you at their virtual booths in the adjacent partner expo, where you’ll have the opportunity to initiate deeper talks on the products they have to offer. This is a fabulous space to gain valuable business contacts.  

The exhibitors’ list will be published shortly. 

Go in with your own agenda. 

We asked a few early bird registrants which parts they’re most looking forward to and why. Here’s what they had to say:  

‘I am curious to hear more about The Terrace project! I love the idea of working in an office where I can navigate to my car in the underground parking garage knowing that the elevator etc is called automatically along the way!’ 

‘I am excited to hear more about designing lighting for the International Space Station and how one initiates and conducts business with NASA and SpaceX! 

‘So, apparently, my favorite wine can taste different when I drink it in dimmed lighting on the couch compared to outside in the garden on a sunny day. Looking forward to finding out why!’ 

‘I’m looking forward to soaking it all in and learning about the latest products hitting the lighting market this year’. 

‘Everyone’s talking about sustainable business. I’d like to understand how it can be commercially beneficial for a company to buy back every product they sell and successfully implement a circular economy!’ 

‘I’m keen to know who wins the Casambi Awards for best project and product this year. There have been so many novel applications, I can’t predict which might take the prize’ 

If you haven’t registered yet, check out the agenda and RSVP for FREE: Casambi Summit 2023 – 27 April 2023 starting at 7 AM (CET) 

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