Our training and certification partners are the bedrock of our business. They empower lighting professionals worldwide to leverage Casambi effectively, leading to the successful adoption of our tech and maximizing its benefits for the entire Casambi Ecosystem.   

To ensure that you (and prospective users!) remain well-informed, we’ve crafted in-house educational courses designed to enhance your understanding of Casambi lighting control. By expanding your knowledge, you’ll not only gain industry recognition for your capabilities but also feel assured when working on Casambi installations. We offer a 2-day 4C assessment that pushes technical skills and problem-solving abilities to the limit. If passed, you earn the title of “Certified Casambi Commissioning Partner” and become a recommended expert in delivering top-notch training and expertise. 

However, having a global network of Training and Certification Partners is also crucial and therefore central to our business. Our global network ensures that training and 4C certification opportunities are available to everyone worldwide. While we offer courses and assessments in our Finland and Singapore offices, we also want to eliminate geographical limitations and allow people from all regions to access the same level of education and certification, regardless of their location. 

Local expertise is invaluable. Local experts have a greater understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by professionals in their hoods. They can tailor training programs to cater to the unique requirements of the different markets, ensuring relevance and applicability. Not to mention language! We work with partners who can accurately translate our materials and ensure that they align with local norms, understanding, and expectations. 

Through our global network, it’s possible to train and certify a larger number of people within a shorter timeframe, supporting the rapid growth and adoption of our tech, Casambi Ecosystem products, and our collective skillsets. It’s a win-win-win.

Our global partners also offer ongoing support to clients even after completing the training or obtaining certification. They offer resources, guidance, and a network of experts to help navigate unforeseen challenges and stay updated with the latest developments.

Change to this: If you’re looking for some local Casambi support and opportunities to get officially 4C-certified, check out the below accredited partners (the ones marked with an * offer 4C assessments): 

COUNTRYCOMPANYCONTACT DETAILSAUSTRALIAHolders Technologyholderstechnology.com.auAUSTRIA & SWITZERLANDHolders Technology*holderstechnology.comFINLANDKVS Oykvsoy.fiGERMANYArditi GmbH*arditi.deGERMANYHolders Technology*holderstechnology.comGREECE & CYPRUSCosmotroniccosmotronic.grINDONESIAP.T. GLOW+62 813 1999 9319ITALYDigimax srldigimax.itNEW ZEALANDHolders Technologyholderstechnology.co.nzSINGAPOREiillumx Pte. Ltdiillumx.coSPAINElectrónica Olfer*olfer.comSWEDENVadsbo LightTech AB*vadsbo.netUNITED KINGDOM & IRELANDHolders Technology*holderstechnology.com

If you’re interested in receiving some training or getting certified,have a browse through our training options.

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