The Burrell Collection, a renowned art treasury housed in Glasgow, Scotland, was earlier this year honored with the prestigious AJ Retrofit Award for its remarkable transformation following a massive refurbishment that took place between 2016 and 2022. The award, presented by The Architects’ Journal, celebrates excellence in retrofit and reuse within the built environment, and The Burrell Collection’s refurbishment stood out for its meticulous restoration and modernization of the A-listed building. 

Donated to the city by Sir William Burrell, the site houses over 9,000 objects, including paintings, sculptures, and artifacts from various cultures and time periods. The refurbishment project aimed to address structural issues in the building, improve exhibition spaces, enhance the visitor experience, and provide better facilities for education and public engagement. It has set a new standard for preserving cultural heritage and promoting sustainability in the built environment with a modern approach that significantly increases accessibility and environmental benefits.  

Sustainably relighting the collection

As part of the renovation, Atelier 10 implemented a lighting redesign, in which Casambi hardware was seamlessly and discretely integrated with the existing service network and cable routes in the historic building to help recreate a modern and energy-efficient setup with minimal disruption. Here, Casambi controls can now provide a flexible solution for different types of exhibitions and displays today and into the future. Dual networks are employed, with one for operational and cleaning tasks lighting, and the other for display and exhibition lighting, ensuring preservation of artwork integrity and providing synchronized lighting sequences for interactive displays.  

At Casambi, we are incredibly proud to be associated with this award-winning and highly-worthy project. The lighting refurbishment showcases a modern and sustainable approach to retrofitting, aligning perfectly with the AJ Retrofit Award’s recognition of excellence in renewing and repurposing existing buildings. 

One of many accolades

The refurb created 35% more display space within the existing building envelope while achieving significant environmental benefits. By implementing sustainable practices, the project saved over 600 tonnes of CO2 per year and earned the museum a BREEAM Excellent rating, making it the first museum refurbishment in the UK to achieve this distinction. 

The AJ Retrofit Award win perfectly emphasizes the importance and possibility of retrofitting, showcasing the significance of upgrading existing buildings to enhance their environmental performance and promote sustainability in the built environment. 

And the museum’s recent recognition as the Art Fund’s “Museum of the Year” amply highlights its contribution to art, culture, and heritage, solidifying its position as one of the most esteemed museums in the United Kingdom.  

A triple win!  

The Burrell Collection’s transformation truly serves as inspiration for future projects seeking to revitalize historic buildings while incorporating modern innovations to create a sustainable and forward-looking future. 

If you’d like to learn more about Casambi’s offering for heritage projects, get in touch! 

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