Helsinki, Finland – August 22, 2023: Global smart lighting control company, Casambi, announced today the discontinuation of the product CBU-TED, which is replaced with the CBU-TED-LR.    

The Casambi team would like to inform its customers that the current-generation CBU-TED has reached its end of life. The CBU-TED is a Bluetooth-controlled, Casambi-enabled trailing-edge dimmer for the operation of incandescent lamps, dimmable LED lamps, and dimmable LED control gear. It can be installed behind a traditional wall switch, inside a luminaire, or into a ceiling outlet box. 

This product has reached the end of its product life cycle and will be discontinued. 

The End of Sale date is December 31, 2023, from which time it will no longer be possible to purchase the product.  

The Last Customer Ship date is February 28, 2024.  

The CBU-TED is replaced by CBU-TED-LR, a functionally richer technology that offers long-range modes. 

About the new CBU-TED-LR

The CBU-TED-LR incorporates a new Nordic Semiconductor SoC (nRF52840), which offers lower energy consumption, greater memory for Flash & RAM, and supports the latest Bluetooth 5 Specification to offer long-range and high throughput modes. The unit can achieve longer ranges than its predecessor, of up to 200 meters (650 feet) in real-world applications.

For any inquiries related to the End-of-Life statement of the CBU-TED, please contact 




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