Global smart lighting control company, Casambi, announced today the discontinuation of the product CBU-ASR, as its product portfolio is updated according to present and future market needs. 

The Casambi team would like to inform its customers that the CBU-ASR has reached its end of life. The CBU-ASR is a multi-purpose wireless control unit, which has two 0-10 VDC outputs. For tunable white applications, it has been a good match for one or two-channel dim-to-off drivers that provide auxiliary power, and also used with industry-standard power packs to turn on and off large electrical loads. 

This product has reached the end of its product life cycle and will be discontinued. 

The Last Time Buy date is January 31, 2024, from which time it will no longer be possible to purchase the product.   

The Last Customer Ship date is March 31, 2024.   

For any inquiries related to the End-of-Life statement of the CBU-ASR, please contact  

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