We announce today the public release of Casambi Pro, an innovative and powerful new planning and commissioning tool tailored for ambitious lighting projects.   

What is Casambi Pro? 

Casambi Pro is a game-changing solution designed specifically for lighting installations featuring complex, automated control systems that incorporate schedules, sensors, and switches. This cutting-edge tool is exceptionally well-suited for large sites with repetitive layouts, offering enhanced efficiency and a significant reduction in on-site technical configurations.  

How does Casambi Pro work? 

With Casambi Pro, lighting project configuration enters a new era, as most of the programming can now be executed offsite. This empowers commissioning engineers to manage intricate settings in advance, providing greater control over the final outcome and ensuring a focused and user-friendly experience.  

The Casambi Pro suite consists of two components: The Casambi Pro Windows PC software for project planning and programming, and the Casambi Pro iPad software for on-site commissioning. The latter is used to easily identify Casambi-enabled devices onsite and seamlessly pair them using Bluetooth to a Casambi Pro project. 

The beta testing phase has concluded, and we are thrilled to announce the first, official public release of Casambi Pro. This represents a significant milestone for us as a user experience-focused company. Casambi Pro simplifies the commissioning process like never before – transforming what once took hours onsite into a nearly instantaneous process,” stated Kari Mettälä, the CEO of Casambi.  

“As a software tool, Casambi Pro will continue to evolve in response to market demands. Regular updates will introduce new key features such as scene setting, dimming, tunable white lighting, and seamless control input integration. We see this first public release as just the beginning of a very exciting new chapter,” said Timo Korhonen, Head of UX Design at Casambi.  

Learn more about Casambi Pro, and for any further inquiries, please contact pro.feedback@casambi.com

About Casambi  

Casambi is changing the way people and businesses light their surroundings. Since 2011, the Finland-headquartered company has established itself as the leading producer of wireless lighting control systems, using technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Casambi’s technology can be integrated into anything from individual lighting fixture controls to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control, monitoring, and data logging. To date, well over 5 million – and counting – Casambi Ready devices have been sold worldwide, and the combined offering has been specified in over 200,000 projects. Casambi is currently growing at a rate of 10,000 projects per month, with references spanning every application from small high-end residential to 10,000+ node industrial spaces.   

Media contacts: 

Joonas Rinne  
VP Marketing at Casambi 

TEL. +358 50 596 9335  

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