From nightclub lighting management to overseeing large Casambi-controlled projects, Eliseo Ciurana Roca has forged an illustrious career with his ability to provide lighting that evokes all the right feels. He’s not your average commissioning engineer.  

Eliseo’s fascination with light started at a young age, even before he began his electronics studies. He recalls, “I started with small electronic kits with which the lights turned on to the rhythm of the music.” His journey into the world of lighting continued as he worked as a lighting technician in a nightclub, where he encountered the first DMX controls on the market. This early exposure sparked a lifelong passion for controlling and manipulating light. 

After completing his initial studies in electronics, Eliseo joined an installation company specializing in nightclubs. This experience allowed him to merge his technical expertise with his love for lighting. As he puts it, “I have always been passionate about how light changes spaces, both indoors and outdoors, how light can change the perception of things.” This passion eventually led him to establish Luxled Técnica S.L.U. Emotions Lighting Design Studio in 2012, where he aimed to bring together his extensive knowledge of lighting and control, particularly focusing on emerging LED technology. 

The Casambi Connection. 

Eliseo’s journey with Casambi began in 2015 when he was introduced to it by a distributor who held out a tiny CBU-TED and explained its abilities to wirelessly control lighting. At first, he was skeptical, exclaiming, “That little thing can’t do what you say!” However, soon after, a client’s request to improve a control system prompted him to give Casambi a chance. ‘A client asked us to unify it into a single system. We had phase cut, pwm, 0-10V and DALI controls, all in the same space and I said, well, it’s time to try Casambi!’. 

He vividly recalls the project, “I remember that integration perfectly […] with hardly any documentation, without knowing how and what the system could do, we were real NOVICES, but it finally worked.” This initial success opened his eyes to the immense potential of Casambi. 

Over the years, Eliseo’s relationship with Casambi has grown stronger. Today, his company integrates large lighting structures with multiple networks that can communicate seamlessly with Building Management Systems (BMS) etc. They’ve also participated in the Casambi Pro Beta program and work closely with manufacturers to stay at the forefront of Casambi’s advances. 

Favorite Casambi Functionality: The Gateway. 

When asked about his favorite Casambi functionality, Eliseo finds it hard to choose just one, as there are so many impressive features he says (his words, not ours). However, he highlights the Gateway function as particularly exciting, especially for client interactions. He says, “It’s impressive to see the client’s face when you say, ‘Look now I turn off my office desk which is 500km away,’ and you show it to them through a camera.” 

Casambi Pro: A valuable addition. 

Eliseo recognizes the importance of tools that aid in specifying and integrating Casambi systems. “Due to its great potential as a control system, Casambi, rather, as a standard, requires tools that help to specify and integrate the system.” Casambi Pro, he says, with its potential to streamline projects and offer visual previews, is a valuable addition to his toolbox. He emphasizes, “Any tool is appreciated by an integrator, especially if it helps you in the specification work and in the integration work to solve the problems that appear in the process.” 

Eliseo envisions Casambi Pro’s use in installations with multiple identical networks where continuous end-user intervention via the app is minimal. Examples he gives include corporate offices with high sensor integration, schools, hospitals, and other settings where automation and efficiency are paramount. 

Projects that ignite passion. 

At Emotions Lighting, no project is too big or small. Eliseo and his team relish the challenge of projects that push the boundaries of what is possible with lighting. He explains, “The ones we like the most are those in which there are impossible scenes, with various conditioning factors, in which before programming you must stop for a while and think about how you structure the structure and how you make it interact.” 

Their portfolio spans diverse sectors, including corporate offices, schools, hospitals, urban lighting, architectural projects, industrial installations, and retail spaces. Each project, regardless of size, is special, he says, and ignites their passion for lighting innovation. Eliseo Ciurana Roca’s dedication to mastering Casambi’s capabilities and integrating them into his projects exemplifies the spirit of forward-thinking engineers. Individuals like Eliseo play a crucial role in shaping its future, one illuminated dream at a time. 

Casambi Pro is now accessible to the public. Why not explore its capabilities and immerse yourself in a fresh and streamlined approach to planning and commissioning Casambi projects:

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