Follow the journey of ILLUMX, a Singaporean firm that’s illuminating the future with innovation through Casambi-powered smart lighting solutions.

There’s a firm in the heart of Singapore that’s pushing for innovation in the lighting industry. Founded in 2021, IILLUMX represents a new era of intelligent lighting that is not just built for the present, but meticulously designed for the future. With an unwavering belief that lighting will serve as the foundation of IoT applications, IILLUMX strives to be the quintessential aggregator of Smart Lighting solutions, setting the stage for scalability beyond conventional illumination.

Smart Lighting is Digital, about Connectivity, and provides Intelligence,” is the company’s mantra. As one of Asia’s premier certified Casambi Commissioning Partners, they empower their clients to deliver lighting control solutions that are not only robust and cost-effective but also future-proof. Casambi, the wireless lighting control platform chosen by IILLUMX, provides the technological backbone for their groundbreaking solutions. The result is an extensive ecosystem of products meticulously curated by IILLUMX to fulfill the diverse requirements of different projects.

Their offering caters to various stakeholders: IILLUMX offers expert project consultation, assisting specifiers in crafting lighting solutions that go beyond the ordinary. For project suppliers, the company ensures the supply of top-tier Casambi Ecosystem products. They also support installers with seamless testing and commissioning, turning ideas into reality with impeccable precision. By amalgamating their services, including their signature We-Care Program (a comprehensive system maintenance package), they aim to deliver against their vision of a world where lighting transcends its traditional role.

Chee Chenghui, Founder of IILLUMX Pte Ltd

It’s not just about illumination; it’s about transformation,” says Chee Chenghui, Founder of IILLUMX Pte Ltd. With lighting poised to become the quintessential framework for IoT applications due to its omnipresence in built environments, IILLUMX’s vision is a beacon illuminating the path forward;

At IILLUMX, we excel in designing customized solutions tailored to meet the specific demands of project requirements. We understand the importance of seamless integration when it comes to control systems, with our skilled engineers ensuring that our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing system infrastructure. We work closely with our clients to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the benefits of our integrated systems.”

Casambi, a natural fit

When asked about the rationale behind choosing Casambi over other brands and technologies, Chenghui explains, “At IILLUMX, we firmly believe that a lighting network will serve as the ideal infrastructure for IoT applications. Casambi was the natural choice for us as it is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, a future-proof technology. Moreover, Casambi’s leadership in wireless lighting control is unparalleled.

Reflecting on their journey with Casambi, Chenghui shares, “My experience with Casambi has been nothing short of fascinating. I first encountered it more than 8 years ago and was captivated by its intuitive user interface. Since then, the limitless control solutions it offers, ranging from single-room applications to city-level connected solutions, have intrigued me.

Funan shopping mall

Recalling a particularly memorable project, Chenghui recounts, “One project that stands out is Funan in Singapore. Positioned as a digital mall, it marked Casambi’s entry into Singapore. Over 500+ tunable white lights were installed, offering wireless circadian lighting for pop-up tenants and visitors.

IILLUMX caters to a diverse range of industries and spaces, providing tailored lighting solutions to meet specific requirements. Whether dealing with commercial spaces like shops, offices, malls, or large-scale industrial areas such as warehouses, factories, and data centers, they have the expertise to deliver optimal lighting solutions. Additionally, they offer solutions for residential spaces, including landed properties and apartments.

Smart carpark lighting

One of their latest offerings is Carpark IX, a Smart Carpark Lighting Management System. This advanced system provides effective light on demand, enabling energy-efficient lighting solutions for car parks. With built-in system monitoring capabilities, Carpark IX allows for real-time data collection and analysis, enabling proactive maintenance and energy optimization. By implementing Carpark IX, their clients can enhance safety, reduce energy consumption, and improve the overall management of their car park lighting systems.

As one of the first Casambi System Integrators in APAC, IILLUMX has experienced tremendous growth. Our services in system integration for Casambi projects and sales of Casambi ecosystem products have been instrumental in this journey. The company is on track for a year-on-year 3x growth this financial year. The future looks promising indeed!” shares Chenghui.

On the topic of increasing the adoption of wireless lighting controls, Chenghui emphasizes, “Increasing awareness and educating relevant end-users about specific use-case applications and the true value that wireless lighting controls offer will be key to speeding up the adoption process.” adding; “I firmly believe that wireless control will become the new standard, eventually displacing wired solutions, much like the telecommunications industry’s transformation since the late 1990s.

In partnership with Casambi, IILLUMX continues to illuminate the path toward a smarter, more interconnected world. With their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, the future of lighting is indeed in capable hands. If you want to know more, check out their website and reach out to with any inquiries.

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