Hundreds of participants have submitted their entries for the 2024 Casambi Product of the Year Award. The unveiling of the winner is scheduled to take place at Light + Building next month, on Tuesday, March 05, at 16:00 at the Casambi stand. The question on everyone’s mind is, who will emerge victorious and claim the title? Here’s the shortlist of contenders: 

We’re excited to unveil the selected products contending for the 2024 Casambi Product of the Year accolade. Our esteemed panel of judges is presently evaluating entries that epitomize outstanding design, elevating functionality and lighting potential to remarkable heights. Whether advancing sustainability, forging innovative design paths, or excelling in intelligent lighting control, these products embody the triple treat of being smarter, safer, and more eco-friendly. From the multitude of remarkable submissions received this year, these six products have rightfully secured their positions on the coveted shortlist. 

Andro S Downlight 

Andro S downlight by ambience is a discrete yet nifty little luminaire that combines masculine and feminine characteristics, providing a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution. With various modules, including Single CCT, Tunable White, Dim to Warm, and Plant Grow, all controllable through Casambi, this product showcases exceptional design and minimalism. The luminaire has been used in award-winning projects globally, with highlights such as Aesop, Nightingale Apartments, Fresh Hope offices, and Witchery Flagship, demonstrating its versatility. Casambi integration ensures precise control, efficiency, and sustainability, aligning with Andro’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. The luminaire’s sustainability features, such as recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, and energy efficiency, make it a standout in supporting environmentally conscious design. Andro prioritizes repurposing at the end of its lifecycle, aiming to avoid landfill. The use of recycled aluminum fittings results in a 95% energy saving compared to manufacturing with prime aluminum, consuming only 5% of the original power/electricity.  

One judge had this to say: 

“The exceptional quality embodied in the Andro downlight fills me with joy. Its performance is outstanding – I’m not surprised that esteemed brands like Aesop have utilized this product. It also takes sustainability to unprecedented heights, setting a new standard that really resonates with the ethos of progressive design and responsible living.” 


A new spin on the office table lamp. The Uplight BEAM by Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG, utilizing Casambi technology, combines wireless, intelligent lighting control with a sleek design. With a brushed aluminum housing, it provides a sophisticated yet unobtrusive presence – ideal for the modern office environment. The luminaire’s strength lies in its ability to offer extremely homogeneous light distribution, by reflecting light from the ceiling with a lumen output of 9,700lm creating both pleasant and high-quality lighting. Casambi enables individual control and networking among luminaires, fostering a flexible lighting environment. The product’s outstanding features, including plug-and-play functionality, USB-C ports, and energy-saving LED technology, make it a sustainable and innovative lighting solution. Its integration of Casambi technology is achieved through a compact control gear, ensuring efficient and space-saving solutions. 

The Uplight BEAM caught the judges’ eyes on account of its novel take on the desk lamp: 

‘The concept of indirect light for a table lamp is very interesting […]. With energy efficiency regulations becoming more and more difficult to meet in office environments, the use of table lamps is becoming more and more appealing in office projects. This concept also works well with the increasing needs for flexibility, with the design trend of exposed ceiling, home working, glare free indirect lighting, and many other design aspects of the working environment.’ 

LED Filament Bulbs 

LED BY DESIGN’s decorative bulbs, with integrated Casambi control, blend style with energy efficiency. Offering seamless control through the Casambi app, these 4W LED filament bulbs provide a cost-effective equivalent to 20W incandescent bulbs. Combining the timeless aesthetic of incandescent bulbs with modern LED technology, these bulbs represent a harmonious blend of the past and future, aligning with the world’s growing emphasis on energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions. Boasting a 30,000-hour lifetime and industry-rated flicker-free technology, they come with a 3-year warranty. The bulbs contribute to sustainability by containing no hazardous materials and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency. 

Jury members shortlisted this line on account of it catering to those who appreciate the timeless allure of traditional lighting while embracing the benefits of the future: 

‘Casambi-controlled LED Filament bulbs, what a fabulous idea! This bold choice not only pays homage to the classic aesthetic of yesteryears but also seamlessly integrates the efficiency and innovation synonymous with contemporary lighting technology – a harmonious blend of retro charm and cutting-edge technology’.  

Linfa Desk Light 

The Linfa desk light by Robonica Srl, with integrated LED lights and water pumps, stands out as an innovative office solution promoting both natural plant growth and human well-being through the medium of light. Tailored for sustainable indoor plant cultivation, it features dual tunable white LED lights and a hydroponic irrigation system, both seamlessly controlled by Casambi technology. Automated controls guarantee ideal lighting conditions and promote efficient plant growth. This not only enhances sustainability by minimizing the need for plant replacement due to inadequate light but also underscores Linfa’s commitment to innovative, environmentally conscious design. A biophilic marvel. A must-have for nature-inspired design enthusiasts. One judge said:  

‘This particular table desk lamp offers a very interesting take on the difficult tasks of integrating multiple aspects of a desk in one single item: light, green, partitions between desk, and sound absorption. The integration of this particular table lamp with different desks and interior design styles won’t be as easy as other table lamps, but it seems to me the type of light that can completely transform a space into a more positive and well-being-centered environment. It’s “light by emotions” instead of “light by numbers”.’ 

Lithoss Casambi dimmer 

The Lithoss Casambi Dimmer, a wireless rotary dimmer, combines style and innovation by allowing precise control over luminaires’ brightness, color temperature, and RGB color. Crafted in luxurious materials like brass or copper, it stands out as a quality Casambi integrated dimmer with such a diverse range of finishes. Supporting Tunable White and RGB modes, it offers versatility for various lighting scenarios. Battery-driven, the dimmer is completely wireless, supporting sustainability by consuming no active or standby energy. When not in use, the device powers down and goes into sleep mode, meaning no endless cycle of swapping out batteries every two weeks. Depending on usage, the batteries last up to 2 years. With such capabilities, this product bridges advanced technology and exquisite design. 

‘This product exemplifies an exceptional user interface in a high-end package,’ said one judge, adding; ‘Beyond its fundamental dimming capabilities, this innovative device seamlessly integrates RGB and TW adjustments too, setting a new standard for versatility and user experience – what a treat! What a must-have item!’ 

ORB driver 

The ORB by Arkalumen Inc, a Casambi-enabled LED driver, introduces intelligent tunable spectra control in a compact Zhaga form factor, offering modular design flexibility for lighting designers and fixture developers. Supporting tunable color and tunable white, the ORB revolutionizes round light engines, enhancing performance, versatility, and simplicity. The low-profile design ensures efficient heat management, improving overall fixture efficiency by 20-30%. Casambi integration provides wireless control, exposing the power of tunable color, standardizing commissioning, and simplifying maintenance. The ORB’s sustainable design, with removable LED arrays for maintenance, supports energy efficiency, meeting Title 24 compliance for tunable color applications. 

The jury found this product intriguing due to its huge potential and unique approach to luminaire advancements:  

This seems a very interesting opportunity for the development of new luminaires, particularly for miniaturization. With driver and Bluetooth communication integrated into the LED socket, there’s not much left to add to a luminaire aside from the optic. An interesting opportunity here.’ 

Thank you once more to all participants for submitting their remarkable creations. It’s truly impressive to witness the diverse and inspiring ways in which Casambi has been utilized across various products worldwide. Join us at Light + Building where the jury’s decisions and their winner will be revealed

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