In a clever fusion of technology and nature, the Linfa Desk Light by Robonica Srl has clinched the 2024 Casambi Product of the Year award. This innovative office solution, celebrated for its integration of LED lights and water pumps, not only prioritizes human well-being through the transformative power of light but sustainable indoor plant cultivation too. 

Designed to cater to the growing demand for sustainable and nature-inspired office environments, the Linfa Desk Light boasts dual tunable white LED lights and a hydroponic irrigation system. What sets it apart is its seamless integration with Casambi technology, offering automated controls that ensure optimal lighting conditions for both plants and humans.  

Yvonne Soh, Executive Director of the Singapore Green Building Council and a judge for the Casambi Product of the Year award, commended Linfa for its innovative application of light and controls, fulfilling “both functional and well-being aspects for both humans and plants”. She lauded it as “an enabling product that places nature at the forefront of the workplace”. 

Giorgio Pierini, Design Liaison Manager, iGuzzini Illuminazione, another judge, highlighted its unique ability to integrate multiple aspects of a desk, including light, greenery, partitions, and sound absorption. Additionally, Pierini recognized Linfa as a source of “light by emotions” rather than “light by numbers,” capable of completely transforming a space: 

“The integration of this particular table lamp with different desks and interior design styles won’t be as easy as other table lamps, but it seems to me the type of light that can completely transform a space into a more positive and well-being-oriented environment.”  

Fernando García, CEO of  Electronica Olfer SL, another judge, praised Linfa for its innovative luminary design and integration with plant growth. He emphasized its “three-in-one functionality, contributing not only to noise reduction and privacy needed in office spaces but also enhancing well-being with flourishing greenery”. Fernando appreciated the incorporation of the watering system and light control through Casambi, noting the exceptional execution and a clear green vision behind this groundbreaking idea. 

Its ability to create a positive, environmentally conscious office environment has earned it the 2024 Casambi Product of the Year award, solidifying its position as a must-have for workplaces seeking innovative and sustainable design solutions. 

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