KUMUX specializes in pioneering lighting solutions that bridge the gap between science and research on lighting and real-life applications, utilizing software to optimize visual and non-visual aspects for improved human health and well-being. 

It has been widely reported that on average we spend 90% of our daily lives in indoor environments, and often lack the natural light essential for our well-being. The need for healthier lighting solutions has never been more critical. One Barcelona-based company has embarked on the mission to solve this challenge by bringing healthier light to everyday life. Introducing KUMUX, a pioneering company founded by light researchers and lighting experts, Dr. Adrià Huguet, Dr. Blas Garrido, and Dr. Sergi Hernández, along with BeAble Capital and the University of Barcelona. 

Their journey began with a deep academic understanding of the impact of light on human health. Acknowledging its significant impact on circadian rhythms, sleep quality, and overall well-being, the founders aimed to utilize natural light’s advantages through innovative artificial lighting solutions. Thus, KUMUX emerged with the commitment to translating the visual and non-visual benefits of daylight into artificial sources. 

KUMUX considers natural light as the best light for human biology. However, it isn’t just about replicating natural light. They use their expertise to create software that leverages existing lighting and control systems in buildings to simulate daylight automatically. Continuously integrating the newest scientific research, KUMUX provides a comprehensive software suite tailored to enable players in the lighting industry to improve the impact of light on people: from assisting OEMs in designing luminaires with upgraded light quality to aiding lighting designers in crafting dynamic lighting projects or supporting their commissioning with cloud-based automation. 

Understanding the visual and non-visual aspects of light 

Light has both visual and non-visual characteristics, each playing a crucial role in our well-being. While visual characteristics like color and intensity are perceived consciously, non-visual aspects, related to our body’s circadian response and health, are received unconsciously. KUMUX understands this distinction and focuses on both aspects in its lighting solutions. 

“White light is composed of several wavelengths or colors. We perceive visual wavelengths when light passes through water or a prism, creating a rainbow. The light spectrum can be represented using a chart where all the wavelengths [colors] are displayed according to their intensity. Two lights with the same color could have different spectra [wavelength mix] and, consequently, different non-visual characteristics and effects on our body’s circadian response” shares Javier Iglesias, KUMUX CEO. 

What’s in it for luminaire manufacturers? 

With their Spectrum Design Platform, KUMUX collaborates with lighting manufacturers, assisting them in maximizing the quality of light output from their luminaires. By analyzing LED light and designing product characteristics, with millions of combinations of LEDs possible, KUMUX helps OEMs create lighting fixtures that replicate the characteristics of natural light, enhancing both the visual and non-visual aspects. 

It’s remarkably straightforward. The OEM first registers the specifications of their LEDs (spectrum, electrical characteristics, etc.) to be mounted in a light fixture. Next, they merge the channels with those LEDs using a data model and algorithm. Then, the OEM can choose the spectrum colorimetry and non-visual characteristics they desire to achieve the most suitable light. Finally, they save the desired scene that will be implemented into their lighting product. 

Optimizing Dynamic Lighting 

“Moving away from individual light sources… When we look at lighting holistically, we consider the visual, emotional and biological aspects of lighting. Adapting light throughout the day according to the users’ needs in a dynamic and automatic way can have a positive impact on their quality of life,” Iglesias adds.  

They have a solution for this too… One of KUMUX’s flagship offerings is the KUMUX Platform, a cloud-based software solution that seamlessly integrates dynamic lighting into smart building systems. This technology allows any lighting control system to offer automatic human-centric lighting all year long, tailored to the color science, standards and lighting fixtures selected in the lighting design. By dynamically adjusting illuminance and color temperature with machine learning algorithms based on geolocation, time of day, activity needs, and the luminaire’s characteristics, KUMUX ensures occupants experience the benefits of circadian lighting for health and well-being. 

Through Casambi integration, the KUMUX cloud automatically sets the most suitable light for a space at each time dynamically, responding to the activity info sent by sensors and user controls within the lighting network. By leveraging Casambi’s advanced interoperability in this way, KUMUX can seamlessly integrate its dynamic lighting solutions into various building spaces.  

Such a solution is especially helpful in dynamic environments like the office, where spaces are multi-functional and reduced natural light can negatively impact productivity. By mimicking natural sunlight with artificial light, or recommending the right light for a given activity, KUMUX can mitigate the negative effects of inappropriate artificial lighting. It’s exciting to see how they incorporate the newest scientific findings into lighting solutions that focus on human health. And by forming a strategic partnership with them, we’re opening the doors to various environments that can greatly benefit from their solutions. 

“Partnering with Casambi has been a strategic move for KUMUX, as their comprehensive wireless lighting control system perfectly aligns with our vision. The synergy between KUMUX and Casambi not only eases the incorporation of our dynamic lighting solution into any building space but also reinforces our commitment to providing reliable and efficient solutions for the well-being of users. Together, we are illuminating the path toward a future where intelligent lighting seamlessly integrates into diverse spaces, enriching the lives of those who inhabit them” says Iglesias. 

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