Helsinki, Finland – JUNE 11, 2024 –Global leader in wireless smart lighting control, Casambi, is delighted to announce the launch of the long-awaited long-range version of the CBU-PWM4 dimmer. Designed to empower users with unprecedented control over their lighting environments, the CBU-PWM4-LR sets a new standard for versatility, reliability, and performance in LED lighting applications.

The CBU-PWM4-LR represents the latest evolution in Bluetooth-controllable dimmers, integrating Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 SoC to deliver enhanced energy efficiency, expanded memory capacity, and support for Bluetooth 5. With these advancements, users can now experience long-range communication and high throughput modes, ensuring seamless control even in the most demanding environments.

Key Features of the CBU-PWM4-LR.

This is a Bluetooth-controllable four-channel PWM dimmer for constant voltage LED loads. It’s ideal for RGBW and tunable white (TW) applications. Compatible with the Casambi App for intuitive control via iOS and Android devices, as well as traditional wall switches, it forms part of Casambi’s comprehensive ecosystem, allowing for scalable and customizable lighting solutions from individual luminaires to expansive mesh networks of up to 250 units.

Long-Range Capabilities.

The CBU-PWM4-LR boasts long-range capabilities, enabling communication distances of approximately 200 meters / 650 feet under optimal conditions. This extended range facilitates seamless connectivity between nodes, offering unprecedented flexibility in lighting control applications.

Two Variants for Global Markets.

To cater to diverse regional requirements, Casambi has introduced two variants of the CBU-PWM4-LR. The CBU-PWM4-LR, with an input voltage of 12–24 VDC (Class II), provides a maximum output power of 144 W @ 24 VDC and 72 W @ 12 VDC, along with a maximum output current of 6.0 A, serving the EU market.

The CBU-PWM4-4-LR, designated for the US market, features FCC ID: 2ALA3-PWM44LR, IC: 22496-PWM44LR, UL: 5LE6 / E494741 certifications, operates with an input voltage of 12–24 VDC (Class 2), delivers a maximum output power of 96 W @ 24 VDC and 48 W @ 12 VDC, and supports a maximum output current of 4.0 A.

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