Created as a prize for lighting designers and avant-garde ideas, the Casambi Awards celebrate the many innovative ways in which architectural lighting projects and products have deployed Casambi technology to create the wow factor.  

The 2022 winners will be revealed in the coming weeks, however, today we are pleased to announce the six shortlisted entries for the top project gong.  

As jury deliberations continue, we’ve gone all ‘Chatham House Rules’ here by keeping their comments anonymous until the final decision is made. Here goes…


78 Charlotte Street is a Co-Working, Cafe and private club  in London. 

From tired retail unit to a destination workplace that’s safer, greener, more efficient… and downright gorgeous. Arup and MSMR Architects have transformed 78 Charlotte Street in London into a place that combines the functionality of an art gallery, a café for the general public, a wellness space, a members’ club, and a bookable event space all within a very small footprint.   

The lighting strategy not only focuses on the human experience, employing techniques that create a relaxed lit environment, it also adds functionality and flexibility while minimizing encroachment of mechanical and electrical services. Casambi’s wireless lighting control solution places the power in the hands of users to adapt the space to their needs easily and effectively via the smartphone app, and then return to everyday settings, or a different use in an instant for the next user.   

One judge said:  

‘Charlotte Street is an excellent example of how light can be used to transform spaces so that they can be tailored to different users and applications. To achieve this, you need to design a sophisticated control concept that does not overwhelm the changing users.’ 


White Collar factory, the home of AHMM Architects in London.

When the White Collar Factory, also in London, wanted to create the illusion of time in a windowless office development, architects AHMM deployed ERCO‘s human-centric lighting system to bring natural light variation to the space. Casambi’s technology was cleverly deployed to provide flexibility, helping to implement mind-bending light solutions for a productive workspace.   

After plans to turn it into a restaurant failed to materialize, this project successfully challenged previous assumptions that a basement space wouldn’t work. The 983m2 environment whose only source of daylight comes from four small skylights has been cleverly transformed into a flexible creative hub for 110 of AHMM’s own staff. 

The judges have shortlisted this project because; 

‘This lighting project has made a space that does not receive the natural light, liveable and bright. The new space is now dynamic and suitable for work.’  


VHC Ristorante is a pizzeria in Cornedo Vicentino in Italy is made of shipping containers.

VHC Ristorante Pizzeria in Cornedo Vicentino, Italy, embodies sustainability from the ground up. Going for the industrial-chic look, the building is made from repurposed shipping containers, which have been painted in matte black for dramatic effect.  

For a project with completely matte black interior finishes with very few reflections, the client wanted little and a lot of light at the same time. Therefore, the custom-designer and producer of LED lighting systems, Essenzialed, employed a lighting design to complement the cuboid’s dark interior and all-day customer service plans. 

In keeping with the owner’s clean concept, and in addition to the lighting design, VairusAir Smart was included in the project. This is a photocatalytic purification system that removes harmful substances present in the air by breaking them down. The product can be added to a Casambi network and through integrated sensors and a Casambi gateway connection, can also provide real-time air quality tracking.  

The judges saw this one as a celebration of sustainability, noting that the combination of container recycling and high-quality light makes it special. Additionally; 

‘The project is innovative for the location and the materials used. It intrigues the public to visit the space for the intimate atmosphere created by the lighting fixtures.’ 


The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens is entirely built of marble.

The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens is a glorious space. It’s the only stadium in the world built entirely of marble and has a rich history dating back to 338 BC. But most people know it for being the starting point from where the Olympic flame sets off on its journey to the host cities of each Olympic Games – Winter, Summer, and Youth.  

The Hellenic Olympic Committee considers it their duty to preserve and highlight the legacy of the site and its incomparable beauty. As such, they ordered a new wireless lighting system that would not only protect this sacred building from the surface reconstruction and cabling associated with wired installations but also significantly enhance the venue’s sustainability claims. The new lighting system, comprising over 3,600 LED bulbs, features Casambi powered DT8 DALI Tunable White with the Electron Elegant Max custom lighting projection system. Since project completion, the Panathenaic Stadium has enjoyed a 50% drop in energy consumption and a light pollution reduction exceeding 70%. 

The judges were impressed; ‘It’s a new dimension: A spacious site with many nodes and long-range wireless control. High CRI (tunable white luminaires make full use of Casambi features)’ 

‘The lighting design of the Panathenaic Stadium is superbly executed, excellently highlighting the clear geometric shapes of the world heritage site. Casambi control has made it possible to install a state-of-the-art controls system without further damaging the cultural site’.  


The office of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Belfast is modern and energetic.

PwC’s investment in Merchant Square – their largest office outside of London – was intended to bring the organization back into the heart of the city, and “embody the spirit of Belfast, a fusion of innovation, collaboration, and culture”. They wanted an office lighting design strategy to reflect this ambition. 

The work conducted by Holders Technology, together with TB&A and Michael Nugent resulted in a spectacular city center HQ, with a commanding presence, strong brand alignment, and an environment designed around those using the space. A vibrant commercial office befitting a ‘Big Four’ accounting firm. 

The Casambi Award judges have shortlisted this project on account of its creative qualities, color control, and seamless operation through the control system. 

One judge said The PwC Merchant Square building draws you in with its bright, modern design and a lighting design scheme to match. The space looks energetic and inviting while providing functional spaces to work and meet. With various lighting elements throughout the space, the control system has an important role to play in ensuring a seamless operation’.  


Banco Santander’s headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay is an elegant and minimalistic office.

As a prominent 10-storey building on Montevideo’s main street, Banco Santander’s Uruguay headquarters received a lighting revamp to create on-point visual comfort for employees and some serious curb appeal, to boot. The specified luminaires have an elegant and minimalistic design that integrates a very efficient optical system to provide easy-on-the-eye and high-efficiency lighting. 
The challenge lay in managing the lighting for all ten floors by means of switching and dimming luminaires individually, creating light scenes, and integrating sensors. A Herculean effort by traditional means. Casambi’s lighting control solution was specified because it allows for intuitive and effortless management of the lighting system, avoiding all the pitfalls of other complex control systems and associated wiring.  
This entry is celebrated as the first wireless lighting control installation in a multi-storey corporate building in the region. It proves that robust communication between the different levels is possible – abating any initial concerns about going wireless. 
While there can only be one winner in the project category, the jury has been blown away by the high calibre this year.  
‘All projects showcase unique and thought-provoking ways to introduce Casambi technology into both new and existing projects. Casambi has allowed project limitations to become possible and it is great to see additional Casambi benefits such as sustainability and flexibility being considered at the concept stage and becoming key design factors’. 
Stay tuned for more news… The winning entries will also be presented at the Casambi Summit. Why not book your space at this upcoming event!

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