Casambi’s dedication to energy efficiency goes beyond lighting solutions, encompassing the innovative realm of Green Coding to ensure sustainability and superior performance in the digital landscape.

Smart lighting technology has emerged as pivotal in the global pursuit of energy efficiency and sustainability within the built environment. That’s why it’s at the heart of our mission. The overarching principle is clear: smart lighting saves energy. This concept has far-reaching implications for real estate stakeholders, and Casambi is uniquely positioned to fulfill this mandate.

We have many success stories that affirm this. Industrial sites experience remarkable energy bill reductions with wireless controls and sensors partnered with LEDs. Retail stores gain competitive edges from lighting insights, with energy savings of over 40% observed. Smart outdoor lighting can halve energy consumption and significantly reduce light pollution, to boot. Office environments, a vital frontier, harness Casambi’s nuanced control for substantial energy savings. A modern, flexible workplace can reduce energy consumption by 40+% with occupancy detection and dimmable LEDs. Casambi’s raison d’etre lies in enabling energy efficiency across sectors, revolutionizing lighting’s role in sustainability, cost-cutting and enhanced experiences.  

But sustainability also hides in the small stuff.

At Casambi, we also want to ensure that our company is not only addressing sustainability through our products but also maintaining sustainable practices throughout its entire operation. In a world where every action counts towards a better future, we understand that software solutions can play a pivotal role in achieving sustainability goals, exemplified by concepts like Green Coding.

What is Green Coding?

Green coding is more than just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to coding practices that prioritize energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. It involves crafting programming code in a way that optimizes energy consumption, resulting in software that runs efficiently and reduces the carbon footprint associated with digital operations.

Here are some sobering facts that coincide with the growing prevalence of apps: Did you know that according to a study conducted by the International Energy Agency (IEA), global data center energy consumption is reportedly growing 20-40% annually? This accounts for around 1% of total global electricity consumption. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) also reports that by improving the energy efficiency of data centers, we can reduce global emissions by around 16%. Green coding aligns with this goal, as efficient software design can lead to reduced server load and, consequently, lower energy consumption. Furthermore, researchers at Purdue University found that mobile applications can consume varying amounts of energy, with some apps using up to 20 times more energy than others for similar tasks. This indeed highlights the necessity for effective software, and more so, it highlights that we should only produce, provide and use apps that serve genuine and necessary needs.

Casambi coding. 

Green coding strategies aim to minimize an app’s energy consumption by, for example, optimizing data fetching intervals to reduce unnecessary data transfers, utilizing device sensors smartly to avoid excessive power usage, and employing algorithms that require fewer computations. While the significance of green coding is particularly pronounced in widely used apps and backends, even marginal improvements in efficiency for platforms like Google, YouTube, TikTok, or Netflix can bear a meaningful impact.

For Casambi, energy-conscious modifications to our firmware, such as reducing the frequency of sensor value updates, have helped to conserve network bandwidth, improve energy efficiency and reduce network congestion. Moreover, when these networks are linked to gateways, the efficiency of data transfers over the internet and backend storage is also elevated.

Community-driven improvements.

At Casambi, our development approach also embraces iterative community-driven methods to ensure that we create what the market truly demands. Our philosophy is rooted in practicality, building only what is necessary and desired by our users.

Casambi Pro stands as a testament to this. It’s a planning and commissioning software designed to streamline the configuration of Casambi-controlled lighting networks. Targeting commissioning engineers and partners familiar with the intricacies of complex lighting projects, the software accelerates project setup by enabling remote programming. Configuration settings are then seamlessly transmitted via Bluetooth to the physical devices on site.

Our coding philosophy with Casambi Pro echoes simplicity – ‘Keep it Simple!’ Our aim is to minimize data volume. This software solution evolves continuously, adapting to the requirements of its user base – So, collaboration is central. The Casambi Pro community openly shares insights, feedback, ideas and feature requests. We then commit to regular updates and functional enhancements every few months. Through this synergy, the tool is thoughtfully tailored to meet specific needs while maintaining our commitment to sustainability.

Serverless computing helps too.

Casambi is in the process of migrating its old computing resources to Microsoft Azure, optimizing our operational efficiency in some cases through serverless computing. This approach revolves around providing backend services on demand, eliminating the intricacies of infrastructure management. It means that our code is executed precisely when invoked, maximizing resource utilization. This dynamic allocation of resources translates to smoother, more efficient operations.

For example, the transition towards serverless computing in cases such as the backend of Casambi Pro enables us to focus on refining the front-end applications and enhancing user experiences. This shift ensures that while our attention remains on innovation, the foundational infrastructure is sustainably maintained, creating a harmonious balance between technological advancement and seamless management.

All hail the eco-savvy coders of Casambi.

We view coding as a catalyst for positive change, recognizing that even seemingly minor coding adjustments can yield substantial environmental gains. By intertwining technical expertise with a greener outlook, we’re amplifying our impact. Unlike outdated coding practices that prioritize function without considering energy efficiency, our approach harmonizes both. We blend cutting-edge features with minimal environmental impact, achieving equilibrium.

Really good code that consumes less energy not only benefits the environment but also enhances user experience through improved performance and responsiveness. If you’re doing it right, achieving optimal energy efficiency doesn’t entail sacrificing performance. In other words, we’ve got amazing coders in-house!

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