The EU’s ban on fluorescent lighting has now been enforced, signaling a significant stride towards sustainability in lighting design. Technologies like Casambi’s wireless lighting controls will be crucial for embracing incoming change.

The European Union’s decision to ban the sale of new fluorescent lighting stock within the EU starting September 2023 was a pivotal moment in the lighting world. Goodbye to T5s, T8s, and pin-based compacts. At Casambi, we estimated that roughly 250 million units of installed stock for T5 & T8 plus other types will need replacing across Europe over the next 6 years.

While upgrading to LED lighting offers energy savings of up to 70%, it’s important to note that LED upgrades alone may not be enough to meet the evolving regulatory landscape. Because the fluorescent ban is just the beginning; sustainability is taking center stage in lighting design and regulation. And sustainability in lighting encompasses not only energy savings and the elimination of toxic materials but also strives for holistic solutions that consider human well-being, light pollution and the long-term resilience of lighting products and systems.  

European Lighting standard EN 12464-1

One such regulation is the European Lighting standard EN 12464-1, which emphasizes the importance of variability in light and energy savings through controls. This regulation particularly applies to spaces occupied for extended periods, like standard offices. It necessitates an adjustable lighting system that maximizes available daylight, considers occupancy, caters to changes in visual tasks, and adapts to occupant preferences and needs. Herein lies a very real argument for adopting wireless controls with your LED retrofits.

Why your LED retrofit project must include Casambi?

Casambi offers wireless lighting controls, eliminating the need for control wires or hardware installation. This means you can upgrade your lighting system with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure. Casambi modules make converting any fixture to wireless simple, ensuring a seamless transition.

By integrating wireless sensors and switches into your lighting configuration, you have the opportunity to further enhance energy savings. You can also optimize energy consumption through advanced features such as presence detection and daylight harvesting. Moreover, Casambi opens the door to the implementation of human-centric lighting, offering a wide range of features including Circadian profiles, scenes, animations, and task tuning. These versatile functionalities can be customized to align with the European Lighting standard EN 12464-1, ensuring a healthier and more productive environment.

A fluorescent-free BBC

Here’s a case in point. The BBC faced a daunting task: replacing approximately 18,000 fluorescents across nine sites while reducing energy consumption and improving comfort—all without disrupting their 24/7 broadcasting operations. The solution? Casambi technology.

Casambi was successfully implemented, with T5 fluorescents replaced by LEDs, adjustable color temperatures introduced (ranging from warm 2700K to cool 6500K), and wireless controls, switches, and sensors configured across all nine UK sites. The results were impressive: Quick and non-disruptive installation, personalized lighting control for BBC staff, energy savings exceeding 20% above the LED’s 70% through presence detection and daylight harvesting.

This BBC project showcases the power of Casambi technology in real-world applications. But it’s not just for industry giants like the BBC. Anyone can deploy our technology in a cost-effective, minimally disruptive way and unlock a plethora of sustainable benefits.

As the fluorescent era fades away, it’s time for new beginnings in lighting. Better lighting equals better health, enhanced productivity, and a brighter future for your business. The EU’s fluorescent lighting ban is more than just a regulatory change; it’s a catalyst for positive change in the way we think about lighting. Sometimes, all it takes is a predicament to inspire a new way of doing things. Let Casambi be your partner on this journey.

When you embark on your LED retrofit journey with Casambi, remember that you’re not just meeting regulations; you’re embracing a philosophy of lighting that puts people and the planet at the center of its design.

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