According to Business Finland, tech companies started by ex-Nokia folks are showing how Finland stays strong through change. Casambi is listed as one such success story by the organization.

Of all the big moments in tech history, few stories rival the rise and fall of Nokia. Once the undisputed champion of the mobile phone industry, Nokia’s journey from the pinnacles of success to the depths of decline is a cautionary tale of innovation, adaptation, and resilience. Yet, from the ashes of Nokia’s decline emerges a new narrative—one of redemption, reinvention, and remarkable success. 

In a recent blog post on Good News From Finland, the spotlight falls on a cadre of companies founded by Nokia alumni that are making a profound impact on the international stage. These ventures, born from the same innovative spirit that once propelled Nokia to global prominence, exemplify Finland’s enduring commitment to technological advancement. A decade after Microsoft acquired Nokia’s struggling mobile phone business, the startups spawned from the smart minds of ex-Nokians are now maturing and Casambi is listed as one such success story by the government-funded Business Finland blog. 

Casambi was indeed founded by a Nokia veteran, Timo Pakkala, whose illustrious career at the telecommunications giant honed his expertise in software engineering and innovation. Pakkala’s journey from Nokia’s corridors to the helm of Casambi personifies the spirit of entrepreneurial daring that defines Finland’s startup ecosystem. 

Timo spent 12 years at Nokia heading internal ventures to develop new businesses, eventually becoming Director of Applications Software. While Nokia didn’t invent Bluetooth ® Low Energy (BLE) technology, during Timo’s tenure, they did play a significant role in its early implementation. Nokia was one of the first companies to adopt BLE in its products. They integrated it into their devices, helping to popularize the tech and its applications. Such innovation found particularly valuable footing in realms like wearable tech, healthcare solutions, and smart home setups.  

While Nokia’s mobile phone business was being sold to Microsoft in 2013, marking a major shift in the company’s focus, Timo was already putting his finessed skill and foresight towards a new purpose. Casambi’s mission is as ambitious as it is transformative: to revolutionize smart lighting through intuitive applications and cutting-edge technology. Again, leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy tech, Casambi developed a wireless mesh network that redefines the way we interact with light. From energy efficiency to aesthetic enhancement, Casambi’s solutions are setting new standards in lighting control, offering users unparalleled flexibility and convenience. The traction is evidence enough that Timo’s punt was the right one; 5+million products sold into 200,000+ lighting projects worldwide. For a niche technology, Casambi is reaching its prime. 

For Pakkala, the transition from Nokia to Casambi was more than a career pivot; it was a leap of faith in the potential of wireless technology to shape the future. “Lighting has traditionally been kind of accidental,” Pakkala remarked in an old interview with Good News From Finland. “But today, tunable lighting makes it possible to mimic natural light and even change color temperature based on the weather outside or what someone is doing. We call it lighting that fits the purpose.” 

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